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Would you like to play with other members of your level?

On Monday April 1 we are starting with the TC Domstad tennis ladder, and it works great:
  • Every 2 weeks we arrange a fun match for you.
  • You choose on which days you like to play.
  • Your initial ranking will be based on you play level.
  • You swap positions if you win a match with a higher ranked player.
  • Complete ranking rules are here.
Are you joining? You only need to fill in your level and which days you like to play:

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men's: https://www.sportconnexions.com/en/tennis-ladder/tcdomstad/534/
men's: https://www.sportconnexions.com/en/tennis-ladder/tcdomstad-top-heren-tennisladder/2203/
women's: https://www.sportconnexions.com/en/tennis-ladder/tcdomstaddames/1060/

Or download the free app: 'clubladder' by sportconnexions.

Marc van der Peet
TC Domstad

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