The first season is on us. No strings attached, we simply hope you will come to love our service. Also after the free trial the costs remain low and clear:
per club, per year

  • ✔ max 1 ladder
  • ✔ max 25 players
per club, per year

  • ✔ max 3 ladders
  • ✔ max 80 players
per club, per year

  • ✔ unlimited ladders
  • ✔ unlimited players


  • €30 off per club for regional ladders
  • €30 off for student clubs

Payment terms

Prices exclude VAT / sales tax. Service fees are paid yearly or at the start of each season. A club may terminate the service at any point in time. Details of the terms and conditions are described here.

Ladder board

This exclusive design A1 size board contains 3 plastic poster holders to place the A4 posters with upcoming matches, match results and news. The board is free for large clubs or €50 for small and medium clubs.