Every 2 weeks you receive an email invitation for a club ladder match. You play someone of your level that you haven't played in the last 10 weeks. A day will be suggested based on the availability of both players.

The matches are processed at the end of the round:
  • You switch ranks if you win from someone ranked higher.
  • You drop 1 spot if you do cancel the match or if you skipped the last two rounds.
  • You are removed from the ladder if you cancel your match twice in a row.
You play for the usual court booking period and count the games. The match may result in a tie. Please be aware that there may not be any courts available for singles at night (mon-fri) and sundays during competition season.

The winner registers the score on this site. If the player with the lower rank wins, you exchange ranks.

How do I skip rounds?
Make sure you are logged in and click on 'My profile', then click on the pause button.

Can I register the results of a previous round?
Please contact us and send us your match results, we will update the score for you.

What if the other player is on holiday or injured?
You can postpone a match if both players agree by registering the planned match date. Otherwise, register 'cancel match' and select the other player. The other player drops 1 spot.

What if the other player is not responding?
Click on 'My matches' and 'Cancel', then select the other player. The other player drops 1 spot.

What if the score is not registered on time?
If no score has been registered the first listed player drops 1 spot. Try to prevent this by connecting with the other player before it is too late.

What if a player is unable to play on the proposed day?
You can postpone a match if both players agree by registering the planned match date. Otherwise register 'Canceled' and select the other player, but try to be flexible when finding a common day.
You may expect the first listed player to send a match invite at least 3 days (72 hours) in advance of the proposed day. The first listed player may expect the other player to respond within 2 days (48 hours) after sending a proposal.

What if we both cannot play on the proposed day (e.g. Tuesday evening) and we cannot play an alternative day?
You can postpone a match if both players agree by registering the planned match date. Otherwise register 'Cancel' and then select 'both players'. The match will be processed as a 'skip'. Note that you drop 1 spot if you skip 2 rounds in a row.

Can I challenge a player?
Only results of official matches are counted towards your ranking. Results of other matches that are initiated by players can not be registered.
If you want to play more often, you can update your profile to play twice per round of 2 weeks.

What is a suitable day to play the match?
A suitable proposal for planning the ladder match is:

  • The suggestion in the match email, or any of the days that the other player is available
  • At least 3 days from today, for example: On Thursday night you suggest to play on Sunday morning
  • Not later than 3 days after the end of the round in which the match was organised
You can also jointly agree on any other day!

How is my ladder position determined?
Are you a new player? When you join a ladder we check your number of stars. The more stars, the higher up the ladder you start. We place you right underneath the 'zone' of players with the same number of stars.

Are you an existing player? Then we check the results of the last round. When you win a match from someone placed higher on the ladder, you swap positions. A player with 'no show' drops 1 spot. However:

  1. New entrants with more stars may be ranked higher than you.
  2. If you lose from a new player that has not lost a match yet, you only move down 1 spot.
  3. If you play multiple matches in a single round, your ranking increases and decreases are combined.
  4. Your new ranking is never higher than your highest win.
  5. You may end up at the same position as another player. We then compare results of the current round, in the following order:
    1. The results of any direct match between you and the other player, if applicable.
    2. The results of any match with a 3rd player, if both of you have played this 3rd player.
    3. Loss of a higher ranked player that would have counted towards your ranking in the following round (and vice versa).
  6. If still inconclusive, we compare the ranking of the players at the start of the round.
Example 1: In round 6, Peter (#8) wins from Andrew (#12). So the players do not swap positions. A new player with 6 stars joins the ladder at position #7: Thomas. So despite of his win, Peter moves down 1 position to #9 and Andrew also moves down 1 position.

Example 2: In round 7, the new player Thomas (#7) wins from Jeremy (#4). Thomas moves to position #4. Jeremy moves to #5 due to rule 2.

Example 3: In round 7, Peter (#9) wins from William (#7), and Peter loses to Steve (#10). Due to rule3, Peter moves up 1 position to #8 because the combined ranking increase equals +2 -1 = 1. Both Steve and William move to position #9. Rule 5.2 now applies: Steve moves to position #9 and William moves to position #10: William lost his match with Peter, and Steve won his match with Peter.

Example 4: In round 8, Peter (#8) wins from Jeremy (#6), and wins from Daniel (#7). The combined ranking increase equals +1 +2 = 3, however Peter moves up 2 positions to #6 due to rule 4: Highest win. Both Daniel and Jeremy move down to position #8. However, due to rule 6 Daniel moves to position #8 and Jeremy moves to position #7.

Is your ranking too low or too high? Please contact us.

Who is my next opponent?
We look at your current position and your last 2 match results to determine your next opponent.

Let's say you are on the 9th position and you won the previous match. The next round you will probably play for position 6, 7 or 8. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee this will always succeed. Therefore, players that win twice in a row from a player ranked lower will get special preference to play a higher ranked opponent.

Did you lose? Then you will probably play someone ranked lower.

We also make sure you don't play someone that you have played with recently.