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Peter van Zuijlen - Ronald Zwart: 3-1
Ronald Zwart was destined to be at the wrong end of yet another convincing victory. Who is going to stop the winning streak of Peter van Zuijlen? 'De vorige pot was een stuk hoger niveau van beiden. ' said Peter right after the match.

Steffen Boon - Bart Geerink: 3-1
Sports World - 5 maja 2016
Bart: 'Spannende games waarbij Steffen vaker aan het langste eind trok'

Margriet Zuure - Richard Singleton: 3-1
Rozenstein - 5 maja 2016
Margriet Zuure concluded her first match of the Rozenstein ladder with a convincing victory. 'What a wonderful match we played. It was nice meeting you Richard. A very nice way to meet new members. As we are both new ' said Margriet right after the match.

Oscar Houben - Gert Jan: 3-0
Who is going to stop Oscar Houben climbing the Tennis & Squash Overhout ladder? Surely Gert Jan was unable to answer that question this round. 'Moorden rallytempo. Beide spelers met hetzelfde hardhitters racket. Verder Gertjan niet teveel ruimte geboden anders gaat hij uitdelen op de T!' said Oscar right after the match.

Sebastian Dengler - Koen Lepelaar: 1-3
Lancelot - 5 maja 2016
Sebastian Dengler was unable to stop the rise of new entrant Koen Lepelaar and was forced to accept his defeat. Sebastian: 'A very convincing and deserved victory. No chance against those serves and too many mistakes when there was one. '

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Eirini joins the Rhodes Squash Club ladder
May 5>>
Menno joins the SportCity Leiderdorp ladder
May 5>>
Mavrakis joins the City Fitness Next Gen ladder
May 5>>
Patricia joins the TC Capelle ladder
May 5>>
Fred joins the Tennispark van Vliet ladder
May 4>>
Marcos joins the Lancelot ladder
May 4>>
Arthur joins the Health & Sports Club Vouershof ladder
May 4>>
Sabine joins the HLTC De Kuil ladder
May 4>>
Petter joins the HIL Tennis ladder
May 4>>
Bart joins the ALTC DDV ladder
May 4>>